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Versioning and Variable Printing

Communications and marketing directors, product managers, and sales professionals have used numerous ways to get their message to their audience. The ability to deliver the right information to the right person has always been a challenge. Two of the most modern and effective methods are:

  • Creating a specific version of the information for a segment of the total audience
  • Mining a database to obtain pertinent information and using it to directly deliver a unique message for a specific person

Case Study: Sample Testing or Launching a New Product

Hurt Printing has been helping its clients refine their messages for over 10 years. Hurt's digital expertise permits it to print the specific flyers, pamphlets, and documents tailored to the audience. More importantly when it is necessary to move beyond a generic message and capture the attention of the reader with relevant, valuable and usable information that expertise is not always easy to find. With powerful software and data mining techniques Hurt takes the mystery out of one to one marketing. Next time a challenging marketing campaign needs to be accomplished, let Hurt Companies provide the expertise you need.