Print Services

Desktop Publishing and Pre-press Design

Whether you have created the design or asked Hurt to design a product we will make the process as simple and professional as possible. From business cards, postcards, and newsletters to complex advertising booklets, Hurt's designers can offer help or create a total solution.

What is especially important in the digital process is creating files that you are confident can be printed correctly. Hurt accepts all of the standard design packages from Adobe and QuarkXpress. We even specialize in working with Microsoft's suite of tools like PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Publisher. Be sure to contact us if you are considering using other packages or need to check version levels. You can email us at or call 800-372-8056.

Sending Files

Hurt can receive files in numerous ways. We accept email attachments, disks, jump/flash drives, CD-ROMs and via our SEND-a-File process. We recommend this process because it permits a confirmation, tracking and inventory process that will protect your files and place them in the printing queue on our internal system. It's like having us as your in-house printer.

Internet file transfer is perhaps the most convenient and efficient way to send don't even have to leave your desk. Simply:

  • Click on 'SEND-a-file'
  • Sign-up as a member of Hurt's family of customers
  • Attach the file(s)
  • Send!

We will send you confirmation upon receiving you file and give you an estimated time of completion.

FTP: When sending file use Hurt Companies LLCFile Transfer Protocol. Files that are large (over 20 meg) and need special attention can be transferred via our FTP server. Contact us at 502-582-2679 for log-in and password information.


Now that the printing industry has adopted the PDF solution, many people want to use this powerful format. Hurt offers designers the option of sending in PDF files that have been configured with embedded fonts and links (graphics). Be sure your settings are set for print quality and all graphics are a minimum of 300dpi. If you need more help creating the right PDF, contact us. We look forward to helping you. Using PDFs may shorten the pre-press time, but more importantly it may save you money.


To insure your PDF's will print correctly, Hurt offers its HURT print driver. Simply click on PDF2U on Hurt's members login page and download our print driver. We walk you through how to install it and when completed you will be able to select the HurtPrintDriver in your print options menu and send a PDF directly to Hurt's server. In addition, you will see a proof of what you have designed. Be able to approve it. Give the specifications that are needed for the printing. On your first order using Hurt's Print driver, Hurt offers a 20% discount on your print order or $20 which ever is less.

Hurt has made Desktop publishing easier and more foolproof.