Print Services

Offset Printing

Traditional printing companies have as the backbone of their production a number of offset printing presses. Hurt has taken that tradition and added many of the efficiencies of the digital world to offer customers the quality, speed and price they need. With computer-to-plate and direct imaging technology we offer 1-color, 2-color and 4-color offset printing at very reasonable prices. What does that mean to you? It means the less time we have to spend on getting your job from the computer to you the less we have to charge for the product. It's a simple equation. We add value but subtract time. That equals a better process and price.

The Heidelberg-DI is one example of Hurt's commitment to both the digital process and the quality of 4-color offset printing. With an offset direct imaging press, superior quality can be delivered in less time, on lower quantities and better costs than toner based presses. When a customer has a specific printed piece the decision on which output device is based on the number of pieces needed, the quality desired, and the speed in which it is required. Hurt doesn't have to compromise to get the best product in a hurry. It uses the specific output device that fits the requirements of the customer.

With multiple offset presses to choose from Hurt can deliver 1-4 color printed pieces with ease. See our sample library as to the types of work we can do.