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Hybrid Printing:
Merging Conventional Offset with Digital Printing

The one utilization of HYBRID Printing is a response to the demands of special versions and variable printing while at the same time maintaining control over costs.

Hurt Companies has the latest offset and digital presses to help customers deliver the most effective message. We can design processes that use the best of each output device’s capabilities. For example, offset’s color clarity and economy of production can be used with either a color digital or a digital black on white digital press to produce customized postcards, pamphlets, booklets, manuals, and catalogs.

The big advantage of using hybrid-printing techniques is costs. It maybe far less expensive to print a short run color design and overprint with pertinent text on a digital press than to do a complete four-color digital design.

The key to using this technique is developing the expertise in the technology and using it correctly to achieve the desired look and costs. The process requires planning in design and execution. At Hurt Companies, we strive to use the most effective match of technology and craftsmanship to deliver the desired message and look our customers need.

When you are looking for creative ways to present your message, contact Hurt Companies. We have solutions.