Mail Services

Direct Mail Services

Create customized promotional items using our high speed variable data capable laser printer to print

Hurt is a full service company that can completely develop, produce and manage a mailing program while accounting and reporting for every step in the process. We are equipped to handle any size and facet of production or fulfillment of high-quality mailings. Our qualified strategists help our clients achieve maximum success in every project. We keep our clients informed of the latest technology and postal regulations to maximize marketing dollars and response. When it really matters, when every piece of mail, every address must be made deliverable, our high-priority mailing services have no equal-anywhere! Hurt has become the only viable source for organizations who need guaranteed-deliverable mail. Years of responding to customer needs in this highly specialized area of direct-response advertising have put Hurt Managed Mail Services in a class by ourselves. We have developed impeccable methods of tracking, accounting and correction so clients stay informed not only of the general status of their whole project, but of each address/response as well. Highly individualized, high-rate-of-return fund raising is where Hurt earned its reputation in the direct mail industry. Let us help you get great response on your next project.

Case Study: A Complex Mailing and Distribution Project for a Non-Profit Organization

Upper/lower casing

Proper casing of names, companies and addresses adds a professional and personal touch. HURT COMPANIES can also create personalized salutations.

CASS certification (Coding Accuracy Support System)

CASS is USPS requirements to maximize presort discounts. CASS increases postage savings and helps with duplication removal.


HURT COMPANIES can update your addresses with new movers and eliminate undeliverable addresses. DPV takes standard ZIP + 4 encoding an important step further by flagging addresses that dont exist as a valid delivery point.


Purging duplicate addresses is the next step toward postage and production savings, and not just with exact dupes. Our algorithms can detect near and/or fuzzy matches. HURT COMPANIES can suppress records, append seed lists for a more precise, targeted mailing.

Presort discounts

Presorting a mailing list for first-class or standard rates will result in savings over straight first class mailing. This process includes zip+4 appending, bar coding and/or carrier routing for letters, flats and postcards.

Quality control

At HURT COMPANIES we treat quality control as the final, most important step. After the data cleanup and presort process, we assure our clients that no records were fabricated, erroneously changed, or unjustifiably eliminated.


HURT COMPANIES can perform custom ink-jet and laser printing including: 4/6-color printing, 1up/3up labels, postcards, brochures, envelopes, letters, reports, variable data printing and more...

Data management

HURT COMPANIES transforms customer data into valuable, structured information by developing, mining and analyzing databases—the key to survival in todays highly competitive environment. Normalization, standardization, data queries and dupe elimination are a few key factors for optimizing a data table into strategic database marketing information.