Document Management

Copying or Digital printing... black and white

Hurt’s high speed printing capacity exceeding 12,000 pages per minute. With this capacity and production capability comes the expertise to deliver the most challenging digital printing project. Whether it is a price book, instruction manual, a letter or simple flyer Hurt can manage the process and deliver it on time.

Examples of what Hurt has delivered:

  • Over 400 copies of a 750-page 11x17 map book in set into custom bookbinders. Each map a detail of the water, sewer and street address for a major metropolitan city.
  • Over 152,000 pages into booklets of variable number of pages for a Benefits program of a health services provider.
  • Over 100,000 personalized 3 part letters with matching to envelope and donation cards.

Whether you need 1000 to 1 million impressions made, Hurt Companies can be your source for Black/White digital printing.