Document Management

Copying, Scanning and Imaging Services

Recent advances in reprographic technology have brought new speed and flexibility to document reproduction. Converting documents to electronic images allows for better quality control, management of documents, searching ability, transportability, and viewing of images. Hurt Legal Document Services can put these advances to work for your office to make your copying and document handling faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective. In an effort to be more productive, to reduce the costs of the firm, and to better serve their clients, many law firms have turned to document imaging. Imaging is a key tool in the battle to better manage and control paper. It can be a great asset in helping a law firm to reduce its operating costs and can provide better information to more people faster. Hurt uses high-speed scanners to create images of your documents in either .TIF or .PDF format. Services include document disassembly, document preparation using bar code technology, scanning and document re-assembly.