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Digital Printing

What is digital printing and when should it be used? Before anyone can answer this question, a few more questions are necessary. Like:

  1. For whom is the piece intended?
  2. How many pieces are necessary?
  3. Do I need to print products as I need them, or do I print all of them at the same time?
  4. How often will changes be made?
  5. How quickly is it needed?
  6. What is the best way to get a significant return on my advertising dollars?

At one time, digital printing meant that a printer accepted a file instead of a “print-ready” hardcopy of a project. That has all changed since the advent of desktop publishing. New print technologies have been created in response to both commercial designers and desktop publishers demands for faster and better quality printing.

Most people would be hard pressed to notice the difference between digital and offset. Of course, there are differences and when determining which is best it still requires the same questions.

At Hurt, we have strived to answer these questions and offer our customers ample options. We are truly a hybrid printing company. We use multiple output devices to produce the right product. One example is our computer to press 4-color digital printing press that is a true offset printer. The press does not use toner or polymers. It uses ink and produces high quality 4-color pieces, but does not require traditional labor intense set-up. On the digital side, we use one of the latest digital printing presses. It permits us to output directly from a file an original each time it prints. What is most impressive is its ability to custom print each original to fit the demands of a data input file. This press can print 4-color customized books, flyers and One-to-One marketing pieces. Something most short-run offset presses have not yet been able to accomplish.

So, if you are deciding on which is better – digital or offset, the answer is not as simple as it has been in the past. Consequently, let Hurt Companies help you with the decision making process. We know digital and offset and can help provide you with the best solution.