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Case Study: Getting the right literature to your sales force

The sales person is provided with the ability to create marketing communications tailored to play in Paducah as well as Pittsburgh. Hurt’s template-based program gives corporations the flexibility to deliver multiple versions of communications materials (localized or personalized) while protecting brand integrity."

  • Merchandising materials and a selection of templates for product sheets, personalized POS, counter cards, posters, in-store Point of Purchase, and other business building tools
  • Personalized catalogs ranging from single sheet flyers to multi-page catalogs showcasing those items that the sales person wants to promote
  • Direct Mail templates that allow sales personnel to upload their contact databases to personalize their message in combination with a choice of relevant pre-selected messages and/or images. The user can select from a number of postal-friendly formats

The user selects the type of sales piece; creates the headline, adds prices and appropriate logos; and sends it to print. The printed materials are delivered back to the sales rep in 72 hours. The eStore also has a built-in tracking and reporting feature for co-op funds or local marketing budget expenditures. Brand marketers are frequently frustrated by the lack of ability to measure the effectiveness of point of sales materials. The eStore provides a link between expenditures on marketing support materials. Providing the marketing department with the much-needed ability to measure results.

The benefits include:

  1. Increasing sales by delivering messages tailored to meet local or individual needs.
  2. Empowering the sales force to adapt messages to the specific needs of their territory within corporate guidelines.
  3. Providing continuity of brand image with local marketing message.
  4. Accelerating time to market.
  5. Reducing print inventory, obsolescence and waste.
  6. Preservation of brand integrity.
  7. Scalability to meet business growth and additional usage demands.
  8. Control of the budget through reporting features so users can track point of sale effectiveness .

This is an excellent example of a solution that gives marketers the ability to quickly respond to the changing needs of their marketplaces. It gives clients the ability to produce more targeted and persuasive communications.