Mail Services

Case Study: A Complex Mailing and Distribution Project for a Non-Profit Organization

The Project

The goal of the Capital Campaign was to generate $40,000,000 by a direct mail campaign and personal solicitations.


To solicit donations, 150 different groups were to have 12 different designs customized and printed. Of the 12 designs, 6 were used with personalized messages. Each highly confidential mailing had previous donation information, and suggested donation options. The total mailing was over 500,000 pieces of unique material to 180,000 households.

In addition to the mass mailing all of the decision makers, coordinators, and facilitators were given Kits with instruction booklets and samples of how to the program was to be administered.

Amazing Results

At the end of the Capital Campaign the non-profit’s solicitation effort achieved it goal and more. The final tally was over $90,000,000. More than double the original goal.

The Non-Profit Organization was so impressed with the manner in which Hurt Companies performed it has continued to use Hurt Companies on every other campaign. They know Hurt Companies LLC provides services and value other companies cannot match.