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Imagine having your own customer center for inside your company or for customers, dealers and distributors to directly order printed collateral versioned to their specifications and quantity needed without the high cost of storage, distribution and inventory management.

While at the same time confidently know that the products being ordered are the standards you require, the version they need, and the price that everyone can afford. Using the Diagram below, you can see that printing is only $1 of the $7 spent on document management.

Hurt’s goal is to save companies by reducing the PROCESS COSTS of designing, storing, retrieving, and distributing marketing and sales materials. By focusing on the total product and not just the ink or toner on paper, Hurt can eliminate larger costs from a company’s marketing and printing budgets than the few pennies other printing companies try to provide.

Case Study: Getting the right literature to your sales force

eProcurement offers:

Distribution Sales and Marketing Support Materials

  1. Advertising/Sales materials
  2. Specification sheets
  3. Product catalogs
  4. Promotional items
  5. Direct Mail Pieces

Sales Campaign Material Trade Show Support Material

  1. Sales literature
  2. Sample products

Inter-Corporate Communciation

  1. Insurance enrollment material
  2. Employees handbooks
  3. Newsletters
  4. Annual reports

Kit/Binder Assembly

  1. New dealer starter kit
  2. Product binders

And much more.